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Experts in
Leak Detection


Thornton Consulting - the leading company for Leak Detection & Investigation

With our experience and knowledge we have a wide range of testing methods

Integrity testing of newly installed waterproofing systems is an important process in the installation of a new roof to ensure the waterproofing is watertight and free from defects...

 A non-destructive test used to determine the integrity of waterproofing systems as a whole, locating any breaches therein....


An experienced team of field testers and consultants that offer a very high quality ethic with a professional and prompt approach...

Annual planned roof inspection and maintenance programs designed to give cost savings over the lifetime of the roof thro9ugh regular integrity tests...

About Thornton Consulting

Thornton Consulting specialises in locating and analysing leaks in buildings and other waterproof structures, whether they originate in the roof or other elements of the building envelope, as well as leaks or dampness in service floors and basements.

We offer a whole range of detection and testing techniques that can be used across both commercial and large residential buildings across the UK.

Thornton Consulting was established in 1986 and encompasses the brand Leaktector, which pioneered the electronic testing for leaks in flat roof waterproofing membranes.  

The management team have over 60 years experience between them and are specialists in their area. We have a highly qualified team of consultants and engineers that cover the UK.

Commercial Buildings
Birmingham Canal

Where We Work

Our experienced team can work across the UK.


Although we have a large number of London based clients, we are always happy to take on new clients throughout the country.


Recent cases have included a shopping centre in Manchester, a large block of flats in Bristol and numerous car parks across the South East.

How We Test

Our primary testing method is through Electronic Leak Detection, of which there are two methods - the "Wet" Method, or Low Voltage as it can be known, and the Holiday or Pinhole test which is a dry method.


These tests do rely on the electrically conductive properties of the deck and insulating properties of the waterproofing to be affective so we also offer our differential pressure test when necessary such as for non-conductive decks.


What We do

Our Projects

To find out more about what we do and how we work, read our case studies and blogs below.

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