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Commercial Roof Leak Detection

Leaks in buildings are important to resolve for many reasons, not least because of the potential for slip hazards and the inconvenience to those affected by the water ingress, but also the deleterious affect it can have on the building structure. It is, therefore, beneficial to get resolved as rapidly as possible.


We have been established in the industry since the 1980’s as the leading test house for investigating water ingress in commercial buildings. This includes, office blocks, public and local authority premises, airports, supermarkets and many more. It also includes large apartment buildings, who often procure our services through their estate management company.


During this time, we have developed a methodical process for our leak detection service through decades of experience and now have a reliable procedure for establishing the source and cause of building leaks.


We work closely with our clients and building occupants prior to commencing investigations to gather all relevant background information as this forms an important part of the initial phase of the leak investigation. This includes:


  • Accurately assessing the location of the leak and corresponding area of the roof above

  • Determining leak patterns

  • Establishing the condition of the leak prior to investigations


The testing itself very much depends on the specific building and roof construction and our consultants use their experience and test procedure to determine the best course of action, the tests will typically be selected from the following:


  • Moisture profiling of internal surfaces

  • Electronic leak detection of the waterproofing membrane

  • Flood testing to the waterproofing membrane if electronic testing is not possible

  • Simulated rainfall testing

  • Borescope inspections of the structure


We have other test methods available at our disposal, such as infra-red thermography surveys and ultrasound testing, although these are generally required for more specialist applications.


At completion of the survey a comprehensive report is produced for our clients, including a report on our findings with a photographic record of items tested and relevant drawings/plans for the project.


Further information on our Building Leak Detection Service available on our website or our team will be happy to discuss your particular requirements with you. Please call 01342 410508


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