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Building Leaks During the Winter

With the onset of an early winter this year and snow across much of the country it is a good time to be aware of potential leaks in commercial buildings, office blocks or large residential buildings.


It is not uncommon for leaks to develop following heavy snow and there can be a number of different reasons for this. Typically, when the snow thaws there can be a significant quantity of water across the surface of the roof, this can result in a leak if the roof covering is damaged or other structural items are insufficiently waterproofed.


The cold weather can also lead to failure of older systems which have been subjected to the elements over a number of years with splits or cracks developing over time. In addition, there is the potential for freeze/thaw action where water collecting in small cracks can develop into larger cracks when the water freezes. This can affect all elements of the structure and develop in to leaks if not addressed.


At Thornton Consulting we specialise in detecting leaks in buildings and have developed an efficient process of locating such issues throughout more than three decades in the industry. We have a number of different test techniques which can be used to accurately locate the source of a leak in any part of the building envelope.


In addition, we also offer a planned roof inspection and maintenance service, the purpose of which is to prevent leaks or roof issues, as far as practicably possible, before they occur. The survey typically includes regular electronic leak detection of the roof waterproofing and an inspection and audit of items which could contribute to leaks. We can then provide our clients with a detailed report of items which need to be addressed, or simply peace of mind that their roof is in a good condition.  


If you would like further information on building leak detection or our planned roof inspections and maintenance service, please contact our office on 01342 410508, or visit our website



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