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Channel Islands Electronic Leak Detection

Thornton Consulting have been established for more than three decades and in that time have provided our services of electronic leak detection of newly installed waterproofing membranes and building leak investigations throughout the UK. We have also been fortunate to have worked further afield in places such as the Middle East and USA.


More recently we have been involved in a project in the Channel Islands which is part of a redevelopment, involving the construction of a complex of local amenities. Our services were procured by the roofing contractor who required an electronic leak detection of the flat roof waterproofing to a new hotel and café.  Our integrity test was required to locate any breaches in the waterproofing so that repairs could be affected prior to hand over of the roof to the principal contractor.


The roofs had been waterproofed with a single ply pvc membrane. The electronic test was undertaken with our pin-hole detector which is a highly accurate test for locating breaches when the substrate beneath a waterproofing membrane is electrically conductive. Since the pvc membrane is an electrical insulator, breaches are located when the equipment detects an electrical path to earth indicated by an audible alarm. Fortunately, in this circumstance very few breaches were indicated as the roofing contractor had been assiduous in ensuring the membrane was protected from damage as far as practicable.


Thornton Consulting is the leading independent test house in the UK for conducting electronic leak detection of waterproofing membranes. One of the key factors in our appointment on a contract by many of our clients is our impartiality, being independent of any roofer or main contractor. In addition, with our years of experience in the field, we work closely with our clients to develop a cost-effective programme of works to ensure we can meet all their requirements.


If you require further information on any of our services, please call 01342 410508 or email


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