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Electronic Leak Detection in Asphalt

Thornton Consulting was founded in the 1980’s and in the subsequent years we have had an interesting variety of contracts and clients throughout the UK.


One of our regular clients, based in Oxfordshire, has utilised many of our services over the years, be it electronic leak detection of new waterproofing systems or building leak investigations in existing buildings. They are a roofing contractor primarily involved in mastic asphalt waterproofing and due to their location, we have been fortunate to be involved in undertaking testing on a number of historic and prestigious buildings in the oxford area.


At one time asphalt waterproofing was commonly used throughout the roofing industry but has become less popular in recent times with products such as hot melt or liquid applied systems increasingly being used instead.


Although less common on roofs, asphalt is still frequently used to waterproof large, trafficked areas such as car parks or loading bays due to its waterproof and hard-wearing properties. Thornton Consulting are regularly appointed to test such constructions in both new and existing buildings to confirm the integrity of the system by electronic leak detection or to locate a leak with our building leak detection service. Regular testing, inspection and maintenance programmes are often recommended by manufacturers and are particularly useful in heavily trafficked areas where damage is more likely to occur. A programme of works such as this can help in preventing leaks into the structure before they occur.


Electronic leak detection works particularly well on an asphalt roof where the substrate is conductive. It is, therefore, useful in detecting points of water ingress into the structure in historic buildings where a leak can be easily pinpointed and an asphalt repair subsequently undertaken by an experienced contractor, preserving the integrity of the roof.


If well maintained, asphalt roofs can have a long serviceable life and regular electronic leak detection can form part of this, allowing targeted repairs to areas where breaches are indicated.


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