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Electronic Leak Detection Service

We have successfully completed the latest phase of our Electronic Leak Detection Service for integrity testing of newly installed waterproofing membranes for our client, a large roofing contractor, at a prestigious apartment complex project in West London.


This has been part of a redevelopment project of an old industrial site which had been decommissioned a number of years ago. Construction work began approximately 8 years ago with the project being planned over 7 phases.


Due to the size of the redevelopment, numerous contractors are involved across the extensive site. We have been fortunate in being independently appointed to undertake electronic testing of the waterproofing to a number of buildings, with our involvement on this project now going back a number of years.


The most recent building completed is comprised of a concrete frame with glazed and clad facades, with 4 large roofs and a podium. The roofs had been waterproofed with a hot melt product and, as such, our electronic leak detection service was perfect for establishing the integrity of the membrane.


The test relies on the electrical insulating properties of the waterproofing and conductive properties of the substrate for the test to be affective. Thereby leaks can be located where there is breach in the waterproofing, indicated by our sensitive test equipment.


Close coordination with our clients site manager was paramount on this site due to the scale of the project. It was essential that we attended site shortly after installation of the waterproofing to ensure the electronic leak detection was undertaken expeditiously, allowing following trades lo lay insulation and finishes, completing the roofs in the timescale required.


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