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Safeguarding your property with a roof condition survey

Safeguarding your property is of utmost importance to ensure longevity of use, structural integrity, preservation of internal contents and the safety of its occupants. One essential element is to commission a roof condition survey.

This is a comprehensive assessment performed by qualified professionals to evaluate the state of your flat roof and identify any issues that may compromise its performance and durability. With over 30 years of experience in the UK and Ireland property sectors, Thornton Consulting is recognised as the foremost consultancy for roof condition surveys, providing reassurance that the waterproofing system is sound, or to identify any indication of weakness which gives reasons for concern and may call for repairs.

Flat roofs are exposed to the harsh elements year-round, from scorching sunlight to heavy rainfall, strong winds, and even snow. Over time, these weather conditions can take a toll on the roof’s materials, leading to wear and tear, cracks, leaks, and other damages. A roof condition survey helps to detect these problems early on, allowing for timely maintenance and preventive measures, ultimately avoiding expensive and extensive damage in the future.

During the survey, Thornton Consulting’s team of experienced Field Testers will undertake electronic leak detection of the waterproofing membrane to locate any beaches, thoroughly inspect other aspects of the roof for areas of weakness or items which could contribute to water ingress into the structure. The condition of the roofing membrane will also be assessed so the projected life expectancy can be established.

Where necessary the condition and performance of the insulation can be established by a combination of test techniques including infra-red thermography, roof moisture profiling and core samples.

This technical audit can be extremely beneficial during building refurbishments, or for owners and facilities management of apartment blocks, commercial and industrial properties.  By establishing the current state of the roof, its remaining lifespan can be estimated, enabling the allocation of funds accordingly for repairs or a complete roof replacement.

Regular roof condition surveys can help you to stay ahead of potential problems, extending the lifespan of your roof and protecting your investment. It also ensures that your property remains structurally sound, minimising risks and avoiding any prospective legal or insurance issues. Thornton Consulting also provides various advanced testing procedures to accurately determine the integrity of the waterproofing overlay and precisely identify any existing breaches in the roofing membrane which are responsible for water ingress.

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