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Roof Condition Surveys, Inspections & Maintenance

It is important to ensure a flat roof is regularly inspected and maintained, particularly in commercial or large residential buildings, as it often has additional functions other than keeping the weather out. Plant, such as air handling units, water tanks etc is often located on a flat roof and therefore the roof can become a workplace for contractors who maintain the equipment. It is therefore essential that the roof is regularly inspected and maintained to ensure it is watertight and a safe place to work.


Thornton Consulting provide two services which can assist in that respect:


Roof Condition Survey 

The Roof Condition Survey principally provides detailed information on the condition of the roof and its projected lifespan, along with an audit of other items which could contribute to water ingress into the structure.


Planned Roof Inspections & Maintenance

Our Planned Roof Inspections and Maintenance programmes provide an annual or biannual test and inspection of the roof along with an audit of other items which are considered to be potential points of water ingress. In addition, we offer a flat roof cleaning service to ensure the roof remains a safe place to work and performs effectively throughout its lifespan.


Depending on specific client requirements, tests for both services can be selected from the following:


·         Electronic leak detection of the waterproofing membrane

·         Roof moisture profile

·         Assessment and condition of roof coverings and projected lifespan

·         Core samples

·         Technical audit of the roof and other elements which could contribute to leaks

·         Roof cleaning


A comprehensive report of findings and recommendations is produced for each survey including pertinent images and plans. This can assist in planning and costing any relevant repairs or remedial works.


Both of these services can contribute to extending or realising the projected lifespan of the roof and many manufacturers of roof waterproofing systems recommend regular maintenance to ensure these roof performance expectations are met.


We regularly undertake both of these services for numerous clients throughout the UK who manage a large variety of properties, from office and commercial buildings to multi occupancy residential blocks and sports centres. We are happy to tailor the service for the specific requirements of each individual building, building manager or property owner.


For further information on our Roof Condition Survey or Planned Roof Inspections and Maintenance services, please contact our office on 01342 410508, or visit our website


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