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Planned Roof Inspection & Maintenance Programmes

A roof can be a much-forgotten part of a buildings structure until, of course, it starts to leak. In such circumstances Thornton Consulting can offer our service of Building Leak Detection to locate the source, for which we have more than three decades of experience.


We also offer a service of Planned Roof Inspections and Maintenance which is designed to mitigate leaks associated with flat roofs as far as practicable by being pro-active in ensuring upkeep of the roof at the outset, rather than reacting to an issue when it arises.


This service is conducted at regular intervals, usually biannually or annually and can include any, or all, of the following services:

·         Electronic Leak Detection of the Waterproofing Membrane

·         Roof and outlet cleaning, removing debris from the roof and membrane cleaning.

·         Technical audit of items which could contribute to water ingress into the structure.

·         Providing a programme of remedial repairs to ensure the roof remains watertight.


By undertaking regular maintenance such as this, small issues with the roof or waterproofing can be resolved before they become a problem, which may otherwise result in a leak into the building. In addition, other items which are deemed to be potential sources of leaks, such as pipe & cable penetrations or poor detailing of other structural items, can also be addressed as part of the planned programme of repairs.


In many modern commercial buildings, plant such as air handling units & air conditioning systems are often located on the flat roof, so a Planned Roof Inspection & Maintenance Programme can also ensure the roof is a safe working environment for all contractors who need access to this plant by minimising slip and trip hazards.


Regular maintenance is essential in ensuring a roof achieves its expected serviceable life, very often it can help exceed this too.


If you would like further information on any of our services, please contact our office on

01342 410508, or visit our website 




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