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Planned Roof Inspections & Maintenance


Keeping your roof healthy

Providing regular roof inspections to help increase their longevity

We offer annual and biannual tests and inspections of all commercial and large residential roofs so we can proactively minimise leaks, guarantee the longevity of your roof and ensure it is a safe environment for contractors to work in.

Our services include electronic leak detection of the roof waterproofing, clearing of debris from the roof, cleaning the roof covering, and a technical audit to identify items which could contribute to water ingress into the structure.

How We Test

Roof Inspection Surveys can be integrated with other test procedures aimed at establishing the integrity of the waterproofing layer, determining build-up and condition of the elements below, such as insulation. We use a number of test techniques to produce our surveys:

This is a non-destructive test used to determine the integrity of waterproofing systems as a whole, locating any breaches therein...

Our a roof cleaning service is used by many of our clients for Health & Safety purposes, to ensure any contractors who access the roof have a safe environment to work in

We can audit structural items which are considered a potential source of water ingress into the structure so that a comprehensive programme of remedial repairs can be produced...

With more than 30 years of roofing consultancy experience, our team of specialist consultants are able to undertake inspection surveys on a variety of buildings from large commercial facilities and office blocks to car parks and residential buildings, such as apartment blocks.

Exterior of a Building

Our Work

To find out more about Planned Roof Inspections and our work read our case studies and blogs below.

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